eemagine is an ISO 13485 certified solution provider for medical industry with focus on the neuroscience and neurocare market and on products with a high level of innovation. Our competence is across all relevant fields of product design and innovation – we follow an integrated development approach. eemagine GmbH was founded in 1999.

The company is based in the city of Berlin and has business relations with partners in the US, Japan and various European countries.

Why eemagine is your optimal business partner

Your new product idea will be an investment in time and money – but what is the best strategy for implementation? Outsourcing of engineering services is oftentimes considered risky – we are confident that your cooperation with us will prove to be beneficial for your business:

  • We offer medical product development with a clear concept for integration of all application components such as software, electronics, firmware, drivers and product accessories.
  • We can incorporate your existing proprietary hardware technology or algorithms and create intelligent products that exceed your customer’s expectations.
  • We keep development costs transparent for you and make your envisioned project calculable in time and money.
  • We deliver quality “made in Germany” that meets all your functional and regulatory requirements.

Discussing your project with us may start in the very early phase, with just sketches and a good lunch to carve out the milestones towards a successful product launch. Also contact us when you need help for a particular component to complete your product innovation - and you need it quickly.

At eemagine, we have the resources to turn your problem into a solution. We are ambitious, competent, experienced and creative engineers - and reliable partners in business.